By the Power of Greyskull!

Kid Kurth 002

A quick fire update about the Mastering (as in climbing) of the Universe (as in Froggat). At long last–after four days of effort–I managed to get the FA of the last hard project at Froggat and thus give birth to (see title). I snaked down there with some lads from work, and did it in one shot, all photo’s kindly taken by Nathan Scott.

A few days prior I made some headway into lifting the boulderer’s curse by doing a few PE circuits at the gym. Despite the fact it was stinking hot and all I really did was faff about until my fingers got sore, I firmly believe this insubstantial piece of training made all the difference for the send. That and a skinnier rope, and some actual effort. In terms of the name, well it just amused me. And in terms of the grade, which i’ve always found to be the hardest and least fun part of doing first ascents, I don’t have much to go on in terms of precedents to judge by. The other hard route I’ve completed, Built to Last, took more effort, however the two are quite different; while BTL is long and PE intensive, Greyskull is short, blunt, and very fingery and powerful. It fit perfectly with my style, that is to say, bouldery and full of tendon-busting pockets, and on the whole I had a good experience projecting it. I’ve stuck with 31 for now, hoping more people will be inspired to┬árepeat the route now that it’s been done. Time will tell whether the number sticks, as I reckon a route/boulder needs at least three repeats before an average grade is settled upon. I’m all for a bit of uppsy downsy, because if you’re tall like me the crux on the route isn’t quite as heinous as it would be for a shorter person, who might well find it, legitimately so, a freakin’ hard 32. But numbers aside, many people might take one look at it and go ‘screw that, it looks like a nasty pile of skin tearing dog shite! I’ll go try something that won’t try to kill me and is actually fun.’

So my work is done, and now I turn my attentions to other hard routes in the NI that I haven’t┬átried yet, and maybe next year when it cools down again I’ll start thinking seriously about Angel of Pain. In the meantime summer is almost here, my arch nemesis, and it’s about to bring the skin blistering fury! I go now to hide in a deep hidey hole and remain pale and clammy for as long as I can…

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  1. James FM says:

    great effort man, but there is still one more hard project at Froggatt waiting for you. This so called project is full of all the Richard Bull sika and chipped holds you could ever hope for in a 30+ route; so much in fact it might even make Build to last look natural!

    That’s right, the giant roof in the main cliff area is waiting for beast kong to rip it up!!!

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