Name: Architexture SDS
Grade: V10
Location: gully behind Beergarden; Froggat edge
Style: arete heel-hooking to dicey shoulder-lock topout
Status: obscure. Sitstart unlocked. Unrepeated
FA: Stu Kurth

It’s been so long I can’t actually remember what year I put this up. Possibly 2007? Difficult to say. Notable at the time as a project without any nasty pockets in it, although I did end up with a pulley injury that hung around for a long ass time. Named for it’s art deco style lines and weird angles, it starts on an overhanging arete with one smeary heel and two very greasy sloping dishes. Transition into an arete that leans the other way via an edge out on the face, pull in and lock to a two-finger stack and launch for good top holds. Straightforward enough, but at the time it was remarkably tricky, and almost impossible to stay tacked to the slopers in summer. The sit adds three moves, and completes the line, but pack spotters and a lunch. Deceptively tricky. Check out the retro photo of the actual send!

Update! As of 10.04.2012: Sent the rig from the sit. Great moves with a full sports action crux.

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