June Progress Report



That’s what there is to report. NOTHING! Hard to do bowldering when all the bowlderz are covered in SNOW! Like quite a lot of people, my efforts have been hampered somewhat by the onset of terrible weather, resulting in a hiatus of four weeks. Before that, when I could still see grass, I made some encouraging progress on the to main projects, Psychosis and Kiss the Sky sitstart. On the former I managed to footswap, which is a big deal by the way, in case you were wondering, and on the latter I finally did the last linkage move joining the bottom sequence to the top. All I needed was to figure out the grovelly, undignified exit and all the moves would be done and waiting for mad linkz! Also went back and did this thing, Dark Sider, V9. It’s a great problem with small holds and a big span right at the top to a good sloper.








Starting from the same block but going right is Dark Path, V10. Similar moves, but the end is a bit bigger to what I’m assuming is a slightly badder sloper. I didn’t find out because I opted out due to a lack of manliness. With a bigger pad I shall return.









And then snow happened. in my eternal optimism, I insisted we drive out thinking all of my projects will be dry and the walk up to flock would somehow have been mysteriously exempt from the weather, but it was not to be. Even getting into the castle hill carpark was a mission, so we turned around, defeated. next weekend happened, and rushing to greet me was MORE SNOW! Still, this time it was a clear day and I went out anyway. And who do I run into but young lad Matt Corbishley (is there an ‘e’ in there? Dunno). Everything was wet, forcing us to try things that we wouldn’t have ordinarily looked at, like Biohazard Prow project! I’ve tried this thing on and off for years. Big swing first move to a good edge, then to a sharp pocket, drop into a small edge and do the crux span to the far arête. Great moves once again, but the holds are a little sharp.










After that we went to try Faster Kill Pussycat, saw it was wet, and jumped on the project behind it. I’d looked at this thing and opted out as it didn’t look overly appealing. Surprisingly it climbs really well. Or at least the first bit did as that’s all we managed to do. It’s a line of weakness circumnavigating half the boulder and joining up to an old route called Pig Dog. Definitey one to get back to.







After that Matt schooled me on Le Alchemiste and we went home coz snow sux. The end. Here’s a photo of all the dumb scenery:


And here’s another one showing more lame snow. I hate you snow. You’re so lame how you get stabbed but then resurrected as the Lord of Light by Lady Melisandre and then fight all the White Walkers and reunite with your baby sister Arya and then fight Daenarys Targaryen for control of Westros because you’re really the son of Lyanna Stark and Raegar Targaryen and are the true heir to the Iron Throne but then you will probably stop fighting her and have incest babies with her instead because you’re probably distantly related somehow and I don’t know how to spell most of these names…Y’all know what’s going to happen…




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