Profane Rituals


FA’d an obscure little project in the heart of Quantum Field that Derek showed me last year. Proposed beta was to launch from the good jug to a flat edge, until Niky Ceria reached out left to a good two-finger crimp, and turned the jump into a mad blind barndoor snatch. Very cool move.

And even cooler was that this thing went down so fast because of my trusty new ladder! An absolute prick to haul this thing about, but it paid dividends on its maiden voyage. I was able to scope the exit and chalk a few key holds that made things easier all ’round. Why aren’t people using such tactics at the hill? I suspect it will revolutionise my sendage. Unless I fall off it and break my neck.

As for the number, it depends on your reach. If you can span from the jug to the pocket, you can do the infinite barndoor move. If not, then you’ll have to launch, and that method is far harder. For my dimensions it’s somewhere in the V9 region.

achmed 01

achmed 02

achmed 03

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