Uprising holds


When you can’t get out to the rock to go climbing because maybe you have no thumbs, or you live in a city were there is no rock for approximately 15,000kms in any direction, or you’re an agoraphobe, then the next best thing is going to be a woodie somewhere and training until you bleed from the ears. This has long been the next best thing for getting strong, and if this is your only option then you’re going to need some holds.
For a long while Pusher set the standard for hold quality, and i would spend my hard earned money buying sets of their delicious shapes every few months. Back in those days only a few companies were making holds. Times have changed. For a start, Pusher underwent a spectacular demise at the hands of swindlers, fraudsters and drug dealers, allowing a raft of new brands breathing room in what has become an increasingly popular market. When nearly every major city worldwide has at least half a dozen climbing gyms, the demand for holds to fill all those blank walls has exploded.
In happy old, sleepy old, ratty old New Zealand that scenario is no different. Why in good ole Auckland alone there are a bunch of gyms and they all need feeding. There are a couple of hold brands which i would consider using for my own purposes, and one of them is Uprising. The progenitor, an eternally psyched climber named Sefton has taken on the weighty task of hold manufacturing, and the shapes coming out of his head are some of the nicest, most user-friendly shapes out there. If you want sharp, awkward, tweaky holds, you can find them in abundance outside, but if you want to train for true strength gains, then the last thing you want is to have all your skin torn off halfway through a power-endurance cycle. Sefton’s shapes are easy to use, simple and to the point. And this year he’s gone one step further and invented a new compound! What is it? Well hold manufacturers keep the recipes for their mixtures closer to their chests that governments keep their alien autopsy files, so what exactly is Hypertetrapolymer and what it does in holds goes way over my head, but in my short experience using them its proven to be perfect for texture and also weight. A few new holds i used for the finals in the latest NIBS round were big open-handed slopers. Not so interesting in itself, but these puppies were hollow and they came with bolt holes for parasite holds to be bolted onto them as well. Rad for the home wall, but also perfect for competition setting too. Climbers are devious shits at the best of times, and having devious shapes to match is nothing short of genius. He also makes mono’s! How many companies do that? A few actually, but its pretty rare all the same.
If you’re thinking of buying some holds for a woodie or a new gym, think NZ made ( needs must, and patriotism is no different), and go for the HTP Urpising sets, of which I’m sure there will be many more to come in the future.

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