The Quarry

Basalt lovliness


The ancient proving ground for many a hard NZ climber like Charlie Creese, Roland Foster, Troy Stevenson, Scott Mooney and others i can’t remember. Is it the birthplace of the country’s nails trad, or an overblown choss pile that’s little more than a giant chipped hold? it’s both of these things and a whole lot more. A haven of Crimpy niceness, the Quarry is hated on by millions simply because its unique style delivers the cosmic back-hand to all those front-on campus clowns who couldn’t smear the word ‘I’m a retard’ onto a bit of toast let alone shimmie and slither their way up supergroove. Yes it’s nasty and spoogey most of the time, but that’s only because you fall off all the time. It’s no fun when you’re not winning, is it? Grow a pair and learn how bridge! Or stay away entirely and go get a coffee or something…That will probably end up being just as fun.

Since i live a cat’s fart away from this illustrious mecca of basalt gnar, i might as well begin posting news about it! Got any? Good, fling it my ways.

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