Son Of Wolverine!

Not that long ago, Isaac Buckley looked more like Dave Graham than Dave Graham did. Now, he looks like what The Wolverine probably would’ve done in his early twenties, back before Huge Jackman made mad gains and got swole. He may lack the Adamantium skeleton but he sure does have some sort of healing power. …


Easter Sends

The very day after posting last I went out to Quantum and reeled in a couple outstanding problems which have been on my list for an indecently long time. One of the more frustrating ones (and a code red project, no less), was The Ticket V9. An obscure one-move problem skulking way down by the …


Back In The Gaime!

Due to the near overwhelming demand for new material and back by popular demand, the blog is back! Spot the redundancies in that sentence! You may well ask where I’ve been for the past six months, or what the shizz I’ve been doing, well the answer is so long and convoluted even Derek’s Ipsum generator …



Baratheons and Lannisters aside, what could be more enjoyable than spending a pleasant morning at Mt Eden Quarry with your broadsword and cardboard helmet? Sending the crag’s hardest boulder in twenty minutes, that’s what! Mwah, mwah! The N.I.F protected my maidenly honour by cleaning Ghost Face and putting a top-rope on it so I didn’t …

so hot


Two V13s ain’t nothin’ to brag about…Just sayin’. One Summer in Paradise, and the Riverbed go down. And  now Hansel, I mean Wiz, is back in the Frankenjura with his GOOD FRIEND Alex Megos, who is one of the TOP climbers. That Alex Megos, he’s also hot right now. Alex Megos.